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Biography: Valerie Copping,, Psy. D., R.P., Author: ITTM

Valerie Copping is the author, lead trainer and clinical consultant for the Intergenerational Trauma Treatment Program. Currently, there are 10 children's mental health clinics across Ontario, and over 300 ITTM trained clinicians practicing the ITTM model as an essential service for children and their caregivers who have experienced complex trauma. There are also six Certified ITTM Trainers across Ontario who are responsible for providing 100-hours of ITTM training to new staff entering their clinics. After fifteen years of development and research, the model has proved it's effectiveness to the point of being exported to National and International audiences. In addition to providing training, courses and consultation, Valerie is involved as part-time faculty for teaching post-graduate courses on advanced clinical skills training. Finally, Valerie acts as the psychological consultant to graduating interns at the School of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Valerie's 20 years of clinical skills training, clinical supervision, research and practice continues to inform the innovative and comprehensive complex trauma treatment field in the provision of effective and comprehensive, innovative treatments for children who have experienced trauma and their caregivers. It is the only model available that involves the caregiver in each session of the relatively brief 21-session model.

ITTM Clinicians & ITTM Trainers

Professionals of all Educational, cultural and philisophical backgrounds participate in the ITTM training and have received in addition to unmatched, advanced clinicial skills training, achieve reliable, and replicable, consistent outcomes.