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What is the ITTM?

  • A 21-session complex trauma treatment program for children
    (aged 3 - 18 years) and their caregivers
  • The ITTM program structure succeeds at creating and growing the investment, the hope, and the commitment of the caregiver as the program progresses
  • Based on 15 years of research,
    development & practice
  • The only complex trauma treatment
    of its kind in the world that treats the unresolved trauma history of the caregiver
  • Involves therapist, youth and primary
    caregiver in every session
  • 10 clinics in Ontario successfully
    running the program for 8 years
  • Designed by a clinical practitioner for
    clinical practitioners
  • Proven effective in treating all kinds
    of child and youth trauma
  • The ITTM is self-sustaining
  • The ITTM eliminates wait lists
  • Funded research opportunities for each clinic who runs the ITTM program