I have heard that if impact occurs in childhood and is left untreated, people can trip and stumble and fall into the gaps the impact has created throughout the rest of their life.

Yes, this is a fact and is proven in research. Untreated impact is a frequent example of why many people feel as though they have and continue to trip & stumble into the gap or the footprint that the impact has created.

It is impossible to feel competent or hopeful when you keep tripping and needing to pull yourself up and out of that gap one day, only to experience more stumbling the next day, and every day after that.

What happens to the adult who has unresolved impact from childhood and who then has children of their own? Can this create problems in the home for parents and children?

Absolutely. There is a name for this very real pattern and problem: It is called: Intergenerational Trauma Transmission.

Unfortunately, many emotional and psychological challenges in adult lives can be traced back specifically to the unresolved impact their own parents or caregivers dragged with them into the own new families.

Is it true untreated impact at any age can result in many self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can interfere with children and adults reaching or experiencing the full-potential they were born with (and still have) inside?

Yes, it is true. We know that three quarters of adults who suffer emotional and psychological difficulties have experienced unresolved impact in childhood – many of whom do not realize they are actually suffering from unresolved impact that, when effectively resolved, can reduce many symptoms and behaviors.

Unfortunately, links between behaviors, symptoms, and unresolved impact of the past for children and adults may never be brought to the surface or recognized by individuals or by well-intending professionals.

As a result, many adults and children will grow up and spend years falsely believing and concluding they were born deficient and/or just not good enough or incompetent in one, some, or many areas of life.

Finally, and most regrettably, many people will never believe or even consider they still have the unrealized and unrecognized potential they were born with, waiting patiently to be discovered or remembered within them.

The hope for actualizing potential and the reality of competency and success that each baby is born with never disappears or evaporates.

Having the safety or calm around you to be able to focus on discovering your own potential may not have existed in the home you were born into. Being helped and supported in recognizing and practicing and reaching your potential can often be interrupted, by unknowing, ill-equipped, or maltreating parents and caregivers.

What sort of experiences can result in a child or adult being impacted?

We must be really, really clear with this answer. The specific event itself is not what ever needs be treated or resolved. Why? Because the event has already happened!