Online Training Program for Practitioners

The ITTM Online Training Program for Practitioners offers a 50-hour training module that provides practitioners with the theoretical underpinnings, clinical skills, and tools required to apply the ITTM in practice.

The ITTM Online Training Program includes:

  1. The ITTM Training Manual
  2. Trauma Information Sessions (TIS)
  3. Five-Day Intensive Training
  4. Clinical Consultation
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Clinic Programs
Trained Clinicians
Certified ITTM Trainers

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The full cost of the ITTM Online Training Program is:

  • Cost (CAD): $1,800.00 CAD + $234.00 (13% HST) = $2,024.00 CAD
  • Cost (USD): $1,600.00 US + $208.00 (13% HST) = $1,808.00 US
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The ITTM Training Program

1: The ITTM Training Manual

15 hours – Reading

The ITTM Training Manual is the foundation for this full-manualized treatment program. An electronic and a paper copy of this manual is included in the training for all practitioners.

The first section of the program is comprised of five sessions of selected readings. Each session will take approximately 3 hours for a total of 15 hours. This section covers Phases A, B, and C of the ITTM model.

2. Trauma Information Sessions (TIS)

9 hours – Video

The second section of the program covers Phase A of the model in more depth. In this section, trainees will be presented with six Trauma Information Sessions (TIS), featuring the author and designed to illustrate client interactions in the model.

The video resources are available via password-protected YouTube videos. Each TIS is roughly 1.5 hours in length, for a total of 9 hours of sessions to review.

3. Five-Day Intensive Training

23 hours – Video

The third second of the program is a five-day intensive training, designed to help practitioners review and cement core ITTM concepts from the previous sections:

  • Day 1: Phase A Review (Follow-up to Phase A videos) – 5 hours
  • Day 2: Phase B Review 1 (Follow-up to reading Phase B notes in manual) – 5 hours
  • Day 3: Phase B Review 2 (Follow-up to reading Phase B notes in manual) – 5 hours
  • Day 4: Phase C Review (Follow-up to reading Phase C notes in manual) – 5 hours
  • Day 5: Final Wrap-Up of Phase A, B, & C – 3 hours

Each day’s training is presented via password-protected YouTube videos. Each video is between 3 and 5 hours in length, for a total of 23 hours of sessions to review the ITTM program material.

4. Clinical Consultation

3 hours – Video Conference

The final section of the program is a 3 hour clinical consultation with Valerie Copping, the developer and lead trainer of the ITTM model. This session is an opportunity to ask specific questions about ITTM fundamentals and how to the ITTM model in clinical practice.

Consultations are typically conducted via Skype.


Testimonials from Clinics using ITTM

  • “With the implementation of the ITTM, clinicians are more self-assured, confident in dealing with these cases because they have a clear clinical direction in working trauma cases and consequently have experienced greater success.

    Michelle Bernier-Wilson Clinical Coordinator, Child and Family Centre Sudbury
  • “As an agency, we have been excited with the results of the ITTM. Seasoned clinicians have observed outcomes with their clients that have been dramatic. Thanks again for the opportunity to be utilizing the ITTM and the benefits it brings to our clients.”

    Heather Cook Manager of Clinical Services Burlington

ITTM Certification

The ITTM Certification is available for clinicians after one to two years of practice, depending on the degree to which the clinician has been able to implement the ITTM model.

The certification process includes two components: live or video demonstrations of ITTM program in action, and a review of ITTM knowledge and practice in one-on-one sessions.


Clinicians are required to demonstrate their work in each phase of the program:

  • Leading a Phase A group session
  • Demonstrating a Phase B session (including the development of a Past/Present/Future diagram with a client)
  • Demonstrating a Phase C Session (including the use of the Sand Tray Method to treat the traumatic event of a child or adult)

These training requirements may be fulfilled with live session demonstrations or through the submission of video recording of the required session. Comments or feedback will be provided to the clinician through one-on-one sessions with the ITTM Trainer.

Review of Knowledge and Practice

After their initial training, the clinician is required to meet with their trainer in person or via video call for a 1 to 2 hour session on a monthly basis. These sessions occur over the course of the next 1 to 2 years. The aim of these sessions will be to review their knowledge of the theory and practice of the ITTM, guide the clinicians progress, and help them through the learning curve.

If any areas requiring improvement are identified, a plan and a timeline for reaching these goals is developed and reviewed within the given timeframe. Once all goals for practice have been achieved, the official ITTM Certificate is issued to the clinician.

ITTM Trainer Certification

After practicing for 3 to 5 years, a clinician can apply to become a Certified ITTM Trainer. These certifications are issued by the lead trainer and are designed to provide clinicians with a self-sustaining model for future training.

If you are interested in learning more about ITTM Trainer Certification, please contact us for details on the process.